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October 2018 Newsletter


What's new with us?

NEW project: Salmon Creek WWTP Solid handling improvements

Contract Value: $13,384,997

Client: Southwest Suburban Sewer District

Location: Burien

Information: The project involves building a new office/lab building, truck bay, digester, and other upgrades to improve the solids handling system.

Management team: Kelby Vaughan, Jeremy Jaeger, and Christina Jaeger

Shout out

Congratulations to the carpenter craw at Snoqualmie for successfully completing a large steel stud framing and roofing for the Solids Handling Building. This is a scope of work that is rarely performed by Prospect crews, especially in this scale. The crew included the following: Craig Bartle, Chris Alexander, Larry Pearman, Skip Lervold, Joe Lucht, and Blaine Rismoen.

Shout Out

Congrats to Christina Jaeger on her new roll as Project Engineer. She helped close out the Picnic Point project and will now be helping on the Salmon Creek project.


Matt Titus, our civil foreman at Clark's Creek, had a baby boy on October 2nd at 4:13 a.m.

Welcome to the team!

Chantz Olson joined our team October 1st and is helping us start up our civil group. He moved here from Utah with his wife Kenzie. They enjoy the outdoors and camping...they even enjoy the rain!

Evan Hull will join us as a Project Engineer upon graduation from Montana State University in May. Evan is earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.


In the Field: Project Spotlight

Clarks Creek Fish Hatchery

The project has received the required building permits and construction has started to ramp up on the site. McDowell installed over 100 timber piles at the Adult Pond, Distribution Structure, and Pollution Abatement Pond. PCI crews followed behind and started forming slabs and constructing the structures. Our civil crews has been dealing with more than expected ground water and are excavating the Lower Raceway where the water is the worst. Meanwhile, Ascendant has completed selective demolition in the existing Hatchery Building allowing for PCI crews to excavate the slab subgrade and start construction of concrete sumps and trench drains. PCI is excited to move this project into full gear and complete this project for the 2019-2020 rearing season.

Picnic POint WWTF

PCI successfully finished putting the remaining MBR Tanks 5 & 6 into service. This project demanded an incredible effort from the crews in order to meet an extemely tight project schedule. In a period of four weeks, crews put in 280 hours per person! Crews have just finished wrapping up punch list items for the base bid work. Work will start up again next June and will include the replacement of the final two tanks: MBR Tanks 3 & 4.

Soos Creek Fish Hatchery

With the completion of the in-water work season, construction has progressed with building of the fish ladder, intake structure, bridge, and site piping. Our only access bridge was removed in early October which required detail planning to ensure work would continue to proceed without vehicle access. The new bridge girders were installed on November 1st, the bridge should be fully operational by the end of the month. After the construction of the bridge, subcontractor Lincoln Construction will mobilize to site and build the Spawning She and Hatchery Building, meanwhile Northeast Electric will be installing site electrical. The goal is to have the new hatchery operational by March which will allow us to get a jump start on demolition of the existing hatchery. They summer in-water season will be used to remove the existing structures in the creek and reinforce some of the bank line. PCI is proud to be a part of Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife's largest hatchery renovation project!

Snoqualmie WRF Phase 2

Terry Cantzler has been leading the civil crew in an effort to complete the biofilter work--a portion of the design which takes the odorous air from the different processes and exhaust the air underground where it has been backfilled with a special biofilter media to eliminate odors. Craig Bartle has been leading the carpenters in an effort to finish the remaining exterior framing/decking and interior framing for the upper office building structure. Josh Kilts has been leading the mechanical crew in setting a variety of equipment and associated pipework. Skip Lervold has taken the lead on setting digester mixers and associated pipework.

Cowlitz Fish Hatchery

We just completed the intake flume refurbish/re-coating work. Work included: removal of all hardware, dewatering screens, and dish sorting bars; sandblasting to bare metal and applying new coatings; and re-stalling new hardware, expansion joints, dewatering screens, and fish sorting bins.

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