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January 2020 Newsletter


What's new with us?

New Project:

Ship Canal Tunnel Storage

Contract Value: $9,800,000

Client: Lane Construction

Location: Ballard

Information: Prospect will be a mechanical subcontractor to Lane. Scope of work includes odor control systems, HVAC, pumps, and piping.

Welcome new Prospectors!

Craig Callahan joins the Puyallup support team as a Mechanic.

Jodie Bell joins as a Project Assistant for Kent Levee/KOA.


to Robert Tatum on the birth of his baby boy! Welcome, Baby Miles!


to Kevin Yoakum and Ashley Koempel, on their engagement!

Shout out!

to Jeremy Jaeger, Prospect's 2019 Safety Champion!


to all job sites for enduring record rainfall during the month of January and maintaining a positive outlook while slogging though muddy conditions!

Happy Birthday Prospect! February marks 22 years of business!


Annual Conference: Our Focus for 2020

Thanks to all who contributed their time, energy, and ideas to Prospect’s vision for 2020. A review of 2019 confirmed what we have all been feeling, WE’VE BEEN BUSY!! Significant growth occurred in 2019 which impacted us all and revealed the need to shore up and support the principles which, over time, have contributed to Prospect’s success.

Of our four core values: Passion, Courage, Stewardship and Team, we struggled with Team. Developing, supporting and growing teams is our number one focus for 2020. Rather than focusing on growing the top and bottom lines of the financial statements, our vision will shift to growing successful teams of successful individuals. A successful team thrives on the success of the individuals on that team. Our emphasis for 2020 is to develop project teams that consist of team members who will instill Passion, Courage, Stewardship, and Team within others. Success in 2020 is based on our ability to develop people and teams.

During the 2019 Summit we heard the need to address fierce conversations, provide feedback, place people in their strengths, give clear expectations, and set SMART goals. Our revised company structure arose from a desire to address these issues and place our most experienced project managers, engineers, and superintendents in a position where others can learn and benefit from their experience.

The success of 2020 is not dependent on one, two, or any group of people, it is dependent on each of us committing to developing ourselves and others. Our people give us our competitive advantage and, when our people are performing at their peak in their individual roles in support of the project team, project success follows.

Our SMART goals for 2020 are to fill out our existing teams, strengthen and develop individuals within those teams, and to develop one additional team. We will be developing ways to both accomplish and measure these goals during the first quarter of 2020. The rest of 2020 will focus on developing and supporting the success of others, as our success is always tied to our ability to makes those we serve and who serve us successful. Thanks for locking arms with us again in 2020! ~Gordy

Holiday Celebration: Casino Royal

Prospect employees and their significant others enjoyed the 2019 Holiday Celebration in our own version of Casino Royal--although, no one bet on Dave wearing a tie! Many thanks to Ashlea Hayter for organizing this anticipated event!


Safety Corner

Safety Pro Tip of the Quarter: Eliminate the Fatal Four

The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by struck-by, electrocution, and caught-in/between. These “Fatal Four” hazards were responsible for well over half (64%) of the construction worker deaths in 2018, according to BLS reports. Eliminating these four hazards would save 631 lives each year.

Safety Training

We have completed 90% of the OSHA 30 and OSHA 10 training for Foremen and Superintendents. We will be scheduling one last OSHA 10 class in March, as well as a Rigging and Signaling class in March.

Learning From Incidents (LFIs):

The challenge is out there team! Our SMART goal for LFIs in 2020 is 10 LFIs per month with a minimum of at least 1 LFI from every team! So far in January we have a new LFI leader! The Lower Russell Levy project has overtaken Salmon Creek with 7 LFIs!!



Soos Creek Fish Hatchery

Landscaping and punch list items are being completed. We are slated for final completion in the beginning of February. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this successful project!

Puyallup Clark's Creek Hatchery Rebuild

Prospect has completed most of the physical work at the hatchery. The project is currently being landscaped and is transitioning to the punch list and closeout phase. The team displayed commendable leadership and dedication while executing this challenging project.

Picnic Point WWTF

Wayne and Isaac are leading the last push to wrap up the extra work that was awarded to Prospect. Washer compactors are being installed and will be started up sequentially the end of January and Beginning of February. Good job to the multiple Picnic Point teams for a successful project!

Salmon Creek WWTP Solids Handling Improvements

It’s been a hectic last couple months but we have several successes to show for it.

~Digester #2: concrete walls, UG support piping, interior mixing piping, and backfill complete. Next step is install of the above grade gas and air piping and then the membrane cover.

~Mix Pump Room/Utilidoor: interior process piping nearing completion and the electricians and painters have moved in.

~Shop/Dewatering Room: the new boiler, roof structural steel, and screw press are installed and we have started the process piping.

~All the new MCC’s are installed and we completed the re-feed of utility power. This required putting the entire facility on temporary generator power for a week and a half, including several shutdowns between to facilitate install of new feeds, requiring careful planning, coordination, and execution between PCI crew, our sub Burke Electric, and the Plant Staff.

~Lab/office storefronts, roofing, wall insulation and GWB complete, currently working on floors and painting then off to interior finish work.

~On site, the dewatering wells have been removed and we have begun the site storm/water utilities.

Best of all we achieved a tremendous project safety milestone of 365 days without incident! Shout out goes to all the PCI crew members and our subs for all working together to make this happen! Looking forward, our next goal is to have new Digester #2 system up and running by the end of February! We still have a lot of work ahead of us to finish, but we are definitely getting closer.

640 Pressure Zone Booster Station

Skip is pushing hard out at the 640 Booster Pump Station to help close out the project. Project startup was completed the second week of January, and crews are working on punch list items to wrap up the project.

Well done, team!

South Base Expansion Development Project

The South Base team has pushed hard to get out of the ground for the Vehicle Maintenance Building structure. The carpenter team has worked hard forming up slabs & pit walls. The civil crew has installed the underground infrastructure for the new facility. King County is happy with the team approach we are taking to keep this project moving along. Big shout out to Casey Hanson and Burl Howard for keeping the project rolling…even with all changes.

Lower Russell Levee Setback Construction Phase 1

Work continues at the Kent Levee with the start of the concrete flood wall. Erik is moving forward and becoming an expert in vinyl sheet pile installation. John is following right behind him with placement of the mud slab and footings. Russ is leading the push in placement of the wall, including the architectural form liners. Milestone 1 was completed with the successful tie in of the waterline. LJ is enjoying the new skill at moving mud instead of moving dirt and is working on setting up a pumping system to keep all the structural guys somewhat dry. The project team was strengthened with the addition of Dave McCann and Robert Tatum. Now we are off to the races to complete the wall by May 22nd!

Seattle-Tacoma KOA Campgrounds

KOA started out in December and has been dealing with high levels of rain and groundwater. Matt Titus joined the team in January and is leading the team through these challenges. The crew out on the KOA is a determined group, set on making this project a prime example of why developers and owners should choose Prospect Construction as their “one-shop stop” contractor!

Lakewood Pump Stations

The team at Lakewood, lead by Catherine Sullivan and Matt Slaby have successfully completed the shutdown and tie in at the existing pump station.  This work took significant pre-planning and rapid procurement of material for timely execution.  Congratulations for completion of this significant milestone! 

We will now re-focus on completion of the work at the Firgrove and Rainier Vault sites, sitework at the existing Pump Station, including setting of vaults and site piping, and Construction of the new Pump Station.


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