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Our mechanical experience has allowed us to successfully complete industrial projects. Prospect flourishes when complexity increases, making the challenges and opportunities in the industrial sector a natural venue for Prospect to thrive.  We enjoy the abundance of intricate piping and machinery involved in this industry and have successfully completed projects requiring myriad stainless steel piping, vessels, cranes, and other components.

Keystone Projects

 SOuth base expansion

This project for King County Metro Transit features a bus base from where 90 to 126 buses are dispatched and provide all related services to manage and repair the buses in a vehicle maintenance facility. This time-sensitive project required selective demolition, excavation and grading, connection to existing utilities, and concrete foundations/pits and the erection of the new pre-engineer metal building. Work also included site improvements, lighting and utilities upgrades, paving, and striping.  A concrete storm water detention vault with a active storage capacity of approximately 27,000 cubic feet was built at the east end of the property. Landscaping enhancements were provided throughout the jobsite.

King County Hybrid Lift Project

This project is consisted of foundation work, rerouting of ducts, hydraulics, and utilities for installation of four jib cranes at Ryerson Base, Central Base, North Base and East Base Metro Transit locations.  Cranes were installed for bus maintenance bays and ultimately used to exchange hybrid batteries off the roofs of buses. Work was performed in congested areas while maintaining King County fleet operations.

West Point Biogas Project

The  purpose  of  this  project  was  to  upgrade  the  Raw  Sewage  Pump  (RSP)  engine  drives  to  improve  their  emissions performance  and  provide  biogas  (fuel)  treatment  to  support  improved emissions.    Work  included furnishing and installing a  comprehensive  biogas  treatment  system  to serve  the  Medium  Service  Gas  (MSG)  system.  Also, PCI furnished and installed  LAMBDA  (air-to-fuel  ratio) systems  on  the  fuel  train  serving  each  of  four  RSP  engine  drives, 3-way  catalyst  ‘Non-Selective  Catalytic  Reduction  unit’  on  the  exhaust  pipe  originating  from  each  of  four  RSP  engine  drives. Site/civil improvements  and  utility  relocation(s)  in  the  vicinity  of  the  biogas  treatment  system.

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