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July 2021 Newsletter



As we pass the midway point of 2021, it is clear, Prospect Construction is entering into new fronts regarding the type of work and geographic regions. We are constructing tunnel shafts for the Ship Canal Project, completing large repetitive mechanical work at the LOTT Project, completing electrical upgrades at the Tacoma Central WWTP Project, and now embarking on our first project in Missoula, Montana.

As we enter this phase in the company, I am reminded of a book that I read in college called Big Dams and Other Dreams: The Six Companies Story, which describes the accomplishments of the Six Companies in the story. The Six Companies were a group of contractors that built the Hoover Dam along with a vast range of other impressive projects. The Six Companies were industrial giants such as, Bechtel Construction, J.F. Shea Company, Kaiser Construction, Morrison Knudsen, and Utah Construction. These companies had the courage to take on the toughest and most challenging projects throughout the West while creating a record of delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Each project they took on included new elements that the companies never encountered, and they had to figure out how to overcome them in a time without Google or YouTube.

As Prospect continues to expand this next year,

I urge each of us to look to the past for inspiration and encouragement as we tackle new challenges. By sticking to our core values, we can accomplish great things and continue to build our own amazing story.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the book, please let us know, as we have a few copies in the office.

- Bryce



PCI Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations Josh Giffen!

We are extremely excited to announce this quarter’s Employee of the Quarter, Josh! The PCI employee of the quarter is someone on our team who exemplifies the PCI Core Values and is nominated by other team members for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations Josh and enjoy your Gift Card! Here are a few things that were mentioned about Josh:

“Josh Represents the Prospect Core Value of Passion by relentlessly putting forth an effort to ensure the accuracy of his projects.”

“Josh’s attention to detail and dedication to getting things right the first time is inspiring.”
Don't Forget to send in your rsvp for the company picnic! We would love to see you and your family at this fun event!








"Evan Hull and Casey Hanson have been pushing hard to wrap up the South Base Project, and the hard work has paid of with the Substantial Completion being received just prior to the end of June. The Owner is very happy with the final appearance of the new Maintenance Facility. PCI Partnered with Concrete Restoration Inc (CRI) and were able to accelerate the concrete repair schedule, which was key to meeting the new deadline place on the project by the Owner. Shout out to all the field crew, including a big push from Zack Gallmeyer and Brian Nisley for helping with the detail orientated final punch work items."

180- Ship Canal Tunnel

After a long pre-planning process, crews finally started work at the Fremont and 3rd Site. Work include installing the Headwalls/Thrust Wall at both sites, which were located approximately 80 feet down at the bottom of each shaft. Northwest Boring will soon be using the Thrust Wall at Fremont to launch their Micro-Tunneling machine, which will chew threw the ground, and breakthrough our Headwall at the 3rd Avenue Site.

A BIG shout out to Rob T. for coming in last minute to help the crews out at the Fremont shaft during Jeremy J. absence. A great example of our Core Values of Team and Courage.

181- South park pump station

With the contaminated soils and jet grout work in the rear-view mirror, the Project is moving forward rapidly as Wayne and his team are building back up out of the ground. The pump station walls are poured, the structure is water tested, and installation of below grade waterproofing and backfilling of the Pump Station are imminent. While the Pump Station moves ahead full steam, significant progress is also being made on MH 2 and 3, installation of the 60-inch effluent concrete pipe and the Electrical Building.

183- Tacoma central

The Team at Central Treatment Plant continue to execute this unique and technical work with excellence. Lead by Matt Slaby, some very significant work milestones have been achieved which include Completion of a significant and risky plant shutdown and tie in of 48" FE pipe spool, virtual completion of levee and grit side duct banks and completion of building B-1 concrete work, which will allow the CMU walls to commence. The team is now shifting focus towards completion of the levee road and the Building Components of the new Switchgear Building.

184- illahee springs plat

After a long-wet winter, the Illahee Springs Project is in its final days. PCI is now wrapping up our first housing plat with the completion of phase 3. Final work includes fine grading of two storm ponds and finishing the final touches after paving. Despite the winter challenges, the crew did a great job jumping on this project with short notice and getting it completed for our client. Hats off to LJ and the crew!

185 LOTT waste water treatment plant

Project is in full swing. After allot of planning and preparatory work the BNR Basin Trains 4/5 have had the existing demolished and are getting the Baffle Walls and 30” piping installed. The MEB Building now has walls and a roof and we are beginning the interior rough in. The temporary Substation has been commissioned, the old demolished, and the underground construction of the new one in its place is well underway. Everything is tracking for a tentative Phase 1 startup in November 2021.


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