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January 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


What's new with us?

2019 Annual Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the third annual Prospect Conference. The breakout sessions provided many interesting thoughts and suggestions. Forrest is building our Safety Committee and Kevin and Bryce are moving ahead with plans to form a procedures committee to develop and communicate best practices. 2018 was a growth year for Prospect both in number of projects, revenue and staffing. We are well postured for 2019 and are excited about the opportunities that may develop this year. Thanks again for everyone’s participation and your shared passion for Prospect Construction. ~Gordy McLaren

2019 Company Party!

Wonderfully organized by Ashlea Hayter, our holiday party was a blast! From VR trips to Africa to poker winnings to delicious food and drinks, we all had a memorable time celebrating our success and looking into 2019.


Congrats to the Snoqualmie Team for successfully starting up the thickening equipment, which is now thickening the WAS. Thickening will continue for approximately 60 days, at which point the team will then begin to startup the new dewatering centrifuge.

Shout out

Shout out to Christian Verbrugghe (Project Engineer) and Jost Kilts (New Superintendent) for taking the lead on the Kent Project, a pump station. Prospect is excited to watch each of them develop and hone their skills.

Welcome to the team!

Forrest Benett joined our team as our safety Safety Officer. He enjoys spending time with his wife & two daughters, Emma & MaKenna. He’s also an avid off-road motorcycle rider & even competes in 6-8 events each year!

Julie Millage joined our team as our new office assistant. She recently graduated with a Masters in Teaching English. Should you need assistance with editing, contact her.

Happy Birthday!


Safety Corner

+100 Safety Improvements

It’s been an exciting start to the New Year! We are still injury free in 2019 and we were able to complete baseline safety audits at all job sites. The best part of that is, we have completed nearly 100 safety improvements as a result! February looks to be equally eventful with CPR/First Aid Classes, more Silica training and our first Company Safety Committee Meeting!

Hazard Alerts

Another key focus area for February should be Hazard Alerts. Let’s smash our goal of turning in 5 alerts with corrective actions so that we get to celebrate with lunch for all of the teams!

What's it mean to be a competent person?

Finally, I am constantly asked what it means to be a “competent person” on the job site according to DOSH, and OSHA. Here is your answer!

The term "Competent Person" is used in many OSHA standards and documents. An OSHA "competent person" is defined as "one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them" [29 CFR 1926.32(f)]. By way of training and/or experience, a competent person is knowledgeable of applicable standards, is capable of identifying workplace hazards relating to the specific operation, and has the authority to correct them. Some standards add additional specific requirements which must be met by the competent person.


In the field: Project Spotlight

Snoqualmie WRP PHase 2

The Snoqualmie Team has been working hard over the last three months on various aspects of the project. The mechanical crew, led by Josh Kilts, completed setting all equipment and pipe work in the solids handling process and office areas. The upstairs office area of the Solids Handling Building interior framing and plumbing rough in has been completed with the leadership of Jeff Frazier and Craig Bartle. The field foreman and craft have done an outstanding job with no incidents or injuries. Prospect is working closely with RH2 Engineering and Snoqualmie Plant Operators on starting up the facility. The City of Snoqualmie is happy to be working with a contractor who takes pride in the work being completed!

Kent Booster Pump Station

Kent Booster Pump Station is currently in the Planning Phase of construction. Christian Verbrugghe will be the Project Engineer on site, and is currently working hard to get contracts signed and critical materials procured. Josh Kilts will be leading the crews and will be getting his feet wet by taking on Superintendent roles. Prospect will begin construction on February 11, 2019. This will be a great project for both Christian and Josh to refine and grow their skill sets.

Picnic Point

Crews are still eagerly awaiting to get back on site in June to start the second phase of work which will include the remediation work of the final two MBR tanks.

The Picnic Point Team had put in extra effort on building a strong partnership with the Owner and demonstrated the ability to accomplish an accelerated schedule while maintaining quality. This effort lead to the Owner electing to have Prospect Construction price additional change orders, which includes WAS tank renovations, washer compactor modifications, and the addition of six actuators on the aeration tank basin gates.

Soos Creek Fish Hatchery

The Soos Creek project is picking up momentum again with the completion of the bridge. Now with full access to the new hatchery, crews are working hard on site piping so backfill can be completed. The structural team has been working hard constructing the Spawning Shed and hatchery slabs. Next month the hatchery building will be constructed by Lincoln Construction. Crews are halfway complete on the steel stud framing of the Intake Structure. Northeast Electrical is now on site installing the site duct banks and will soon be installing the PLCs in the Intake Building.

Clarks Creek Fish Hatchery

At the Clark's Creek project the ground water is now under control and construction of the Lower Raceway ponds has started. Other structures in the concrete phase include the Upper Raceway, Adult Ponds, and PA Pond. Concrete is complete at the D-Box structure were soon the miscellaneous metals will be installed. Once again, the civil crew is back to fusing pipe for the main hatchery drain line. The hatchery building has completed the first slab concrete placement inside the building as they continue with the remolding efforts.

North Bend WWTP

North Bend Critical Plant Improvements has just begun. Currently work is being performed on the existing UV system modification and clarifier motor replacement. Wayne is overseeing Skip Lervold as he leads the efforts onsite.

Cowlitz Fish hatchery

Start-up at the Cowlitz Project is complete and now the crews are working on the remaining few items to wrap this project up by the end of February. Remaining work includes installing the fish counter and wrapping up minor change orders.

Salmon Creek WWTP

This is a new project to upgrade the existing Salmon Creek WWTP for Southwest Suburban Sewer District; the project duration is 16 months. We arrived at the site at the end of December and started selective demolition the first of January at the existing chlorine contact basin, utilidoor, shop and site. Demo will end approximately at the end of January and we will begin building the new lab/office ans sludge loadout structures.

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