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July 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


What's new with us?

New Project: Lower Russell Levee Setback Phase 1

Contract Value: $6,465,882

Client: King County

Location: Kent

Information: Construction of a 2,400 lf floodwall including associated preload, excavation and site grading, as well as installation of 3,700 lf of water main.

Shout out!

to Bill Parsons for being available to answer any questions and stop by the Kent Booster Pump Station job when he has free time to help Josh and Christian. He was a tremendous help during the forming of footings and stem walls.


{Re}Building Day 2019

On April 27, twelve PCI employees graciously gave up their personal time to be {re}builders at the Rebuilding Day event. Partnering with South Sound Rebuilding Together, employees and their families shared their time and talents at three homes in the area. At Prospect, we believe the skills and talents we utilize are gifts that God blessed us with, and we are most blessed when we share those gifts with others! This event reflects the sharing aspect of Our Core Value of Stewardship.

Across the nation, 30,000 volunteers completed 1,400 rebuild projects!


Safety Corner

Safety Improvements:

We conducted our second round of Site Safety Audits. We realized great improvements across all sites and ended up with a shorter action item list! Several locations improved their scores by as much as 30%--we didn’t have a single site score below 90%!

Way to go Team Prospect!! Keep up the great work!

Safety Training:

We are looking forward to OSHA 30 training coming in August for all superintendents. This training will take place Thursday and Friday for two weeks in a row in August. Once we get all superintendents trained, we will roll out OSHA 10 training for all foremen and leads!

Hazard Alerts:

We struggled a bit in May and June and fell just short of our goal. Let’s keep identifying and recording those hazards! Our goal for July and August is 12 LFIs and a minimum of at least two from every location!

Safety Pro Tip of the Quarter: Keep your cool in hot weather!



Soos Creek Fish Hatchery

Work is going full swing at Soos Creek--startup is mostly complete and work is now switching to the 2019 in water work. Steve is leading the team in diverting the creek to demo the intake weir, and then flipping the creek over again to demo the intake structure. Other civil work includes the construction of the south flood channel and bank restoration. Russ and the structural team are working on the new office building and setting the structure for the bird predation system at the adult ponds. The goal remains: have all “new construction” completed by Aug 30th with only the office building and demolition remaining. We would like to thank Cat for joining our onsite project team to help us accomplish this goal!

Snoqualmie WRF Phase 2

Snoqualmie is working on closing out the project that was started in February of 2018. Bill Parsons has stepped in for Wayne Rismoen and is leading the small crew on wrapping up punch list items. Jeff Frazier, Kelly Hasenbuhler, and Chris Alexander were leaders on finishing strong. Prospect prides itself on delivering a high-quality project to the City of Snoqualmie.

Clark's Creek Fish Hatchery

At Clark’s Creek, renovation work continues on the historic hatchery building with many different subcontractors and trades working to turn over the building to the client by October 1st so they can start rearing fish for the next season. Elsewhere on site, our crews continue to install yard piping to the recently constructed ponds; construct foundations for new pre-engineered metal buildings; frame stick-built residence garages; form/place the new intake pipe tie-in; and prepare subgrade for the new round trout ponds. Madsen Electric has also crewed up significantly to facilitate the significant all new electrical infrastructure required for the turnover date.

Picnic Point WWTF

Wayne Rismoen has taken charge of Phase 2 work at Picnic Point and has continued to represent Prospect’s dedication to quality work and a partnering approach. The owner has allowed us to take down MBR Tank 4 a month early which has allowed Skip Lervold to keep a more fluid work flow for his crew: Blaine, Jeffrey, Isaac and Nate. Skip said, "We hired carpenter Isaac Smith to join our Picnic Point crew. He has over 15 years experience in sewer treatment plant work in California and has been a great addition to our crew. We have also hired on crane operator Nathaniel Sherwood who has been instrumental in keeping the flow of materials from the MBR tanks.“ MBR Tanks 3, 4, and WAS Tank 1 have all been demoed. The painter, Extreme Coatings, has just finished recoating WAS Tank 1 and is off to the races on blasting MBR Tank 3.

Salmon Creek WWTP

The project is making the turn out of the bypass/demo phase and into the rebuilding new phase. The Lab/Office is taking shape and starting to look like a new building with the foundation, structural steel framework, SIP walls, trusses, and SIP roof panels now in place. Exterior finish work will begin shortly while concurrently working on the interior rough in. The offsite underground roadwork supplying power for the remote Pump Station 7 is installed and will be paved early July. The dewatering system and shoring piles are installed. The next step, excavation/lagging/tiebacks for the new Digester 2 will begin this week and run thru the month of July. Also, with the new backup generator installed and commissioned, we have removed the existing generator and started the conversion of the space into the new switchboard room. Kudos to all the PCI crew and our subcontractors for making this all happen safely with the limited space constraints.

North Bend WWTP

Punch list items have been successfully completed at North Bend. Congratulations to the crews for completing another successful project!

Kent Booster Station

This project is just getting into full swing now. The CMU portion of the building is over half complete and will be wrapping up shortly. Tyler is leading the crew as we begin to prebuild the interior portion of the pipe system in order to fly it in advance of the trusses being installed. Curt will be taking the lead with the roof truss install coming up here shortly. While the roof is being installed, we will also begin to work on the site pipe and the tie ins to the existing water main.

South Base Expansion Development

The team at South Base is eager to start work on the South Base Expansion Project. The team, which includes Casey Hanson, Burl Howard, Evan Hull, Chantz Olson, Kahlen Sheehan, and Chris Janes, have all been working hard on completing preconstruction activities. Prospect is excited to see this hard work pay off once the shovels hit the dirt!


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